DIRECTOR: Dominik Bochis, Andreas Buciuman
CAST: Dominik Bochis, Andreas Buciuman
PG. Some Disturbing Scenes | 2020 | 88 min | German with English subtitles

02 May 2024



2 friends. 18,000 kilometres. 19 countries. A journey full of hardships, discoveries and challenges, which are as powerful as they are unpredictable. Sounds like a plan for hardened triathletes. But when Andreas Buciuman and Dominik Bochis - two averagely fit guys - decided on an adventure that would take them to the other side of their world, the bicycle seemed ideal. Their mode of travel - fast enough to cover the distance in about a year and slow enough for them to see and experience the world on the way. Austria2Australia documents a cycling quest across three continents while telling a compelling real life story of the power of dreams and the determination to translate them into reality with a set of wheels.

The film will be followed by a post-show online Q&A featuring protagonists Andreas Buciuman and Dominik Bochis, and moderated by Julia Henningsen.

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