Doppelgänger. THE DOUBLE

Drama I Romance I Thriller
DIRECTOR: Jan Holoubek
CAST: Jakub Gierszal, Tomasz Schuchardt, Emily Kusche
R21 (Sexual Scenes and Nudity)

19 May 2024



With elements of a thriller and a spy film, Doppelgänger tells the story of Hans and Jan Bitner who live on opposite sides of the iron curtain. Hans lives in France where he seemingly leads a quiet life. Bitner is a Pole, involved in the fight for a free Poland. Their lives are different, but there is one detail that connects them. This film is inspired by true stories of special agents from Cold-War Poland. The movie is also a dark psychological tale about human tragedies and innocent victims of a ruthless spy operation, about the consequences of living a lie and about love that offers hope for redemption.
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